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Tax Preparation & Tax Planning


How RMA CPA Can Assist

With Tax Preparation & Tax Planning

Did you know income tax is generally the largest expense one will incur over their lifetime?


For many individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations, tax planning is a burden and generally more complex than one would like. Ryan understands it is difficult to find the time to learn about potential deductions, credits, or how to strategize. Not only are you potentially losing your time and money, are you creating unnecessary stress? Are you enabling reactive vs proactive habits towards the planning and filing of your taxes?


Ryan provides a streamlined process that is relaxed and more efficient than the traditional ways. Clients have the option of meeting in-person or accessing a secure online tax portal tailored to each of their needs. Upon the collection of tax documents, Ryan organizes and carefully prepares the returns. So you may rest assure knowing they will be filed accurately and on time.


Benefits of RMA CPA:


  • Push Away the Stress: Take back the ownership of your time, so you can spend it in a way that makes you feel good.

  • Trust and Secure: Ryan provides a secure online tax portal tailored to each client’s needs. The online portal allows clients to upload their tax documents from the comfort of their own computer or mobile device.

  • Attention to Detail: Filing correctly while minimizing your tax liability. Ryan plans carefully and pays attention to the details, while incorporating all deductions, credits, and strategies that the tax laws allow.

  • Be Different: In addition to the current year, we can be different, we can plan for the future!

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